Social Skills Sites

Michelle Garcia Winner's Website- Your source for Social thinking!

Jill Kuzma Social and Emotional Sharing Site- Great tools and resources especially for therapists working on clients' social skills

Social Skill Central- For a minimal fee, you can become a member and access social skills materials

Special-ismis an online publishing source chock full of professional blogs addressing the ‘Isms’ impacting children at home and in the classroom.  Each and every article we publish features an ‘ism’ accompanied by professionally recommended solutions. 

Improve Your Social Skills- This site is manned by an Aspie with wonderful social skills that he learned on his own with the help of his parents.  He wrote, How To Make Conversation in which teens, adults and therapists will find practical tools and helpful pointers to simplify and help with conversation skills.

School Tools TV- You'll find some helpful social skills clips and other materials