Social Skills Videos

Model Me Kids  
Videos demonstrate social skills by modeling peer behavior at school, on a play-date, at a birthday party, on the playground, at a library, at the dentist, restaurant, and more. Real children model and narrate each skill. DVDs for ages 2-17 

Social Skill Builder  
Series of software programs that use interactive videos to teach key social thinking, language and behavior. The software helps kids learn and continue to build the skills of problem solving, friendship, life skills, critical thinking, emotions, and consequences. 

Superheroes Social Skills 
Video modeling and comic book program for teaching a variety of social skills. Includes lesson plans for working on social skills in the school, home, and community. Teaches following directions, reducing anxiety, imitation, joint attention, and other skills. 

TeachTown Social Skills 
Social skills curriculum composed of video modeling, social stories, and pro-social animation that uses engaging animated characters to teach rule following, friendship, conversation, self- management, social language, and other social skills.

Teach2Play DVD Series
Teach2Talk, LLC produces educational resources for children which target core speech and language, play and social skills using techniques including video modeling. It is a new evidence based treatment alterantive for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Learn how to encourage your child ages 3-5 in building friendsip with this practical, highly engaging DVD. Passport to Friendship shows early childhood professionals and parents how to break down desired skills into clear, achievable goals: persist in the play space, respond to peer, and indicate preferences to peers; create a familiar, friendly, and predictable play environment so interaction is not overwhelming; establish boundaries and limit diversions; use supports and adaptations such as choiceboards, turn-taking indicators, and play templates; engage children with creative sensory motor games, turn-taking games, and pretend play

Rethink Autism
Rethink autism places at your fingertips teaching tools that have never before been available at a price you can afford, on a schedule you can manage, and at a quality that you can trust. For a minimal monthly fee, you will have access to comprehensive assessment tools, web-based teaching tutorials, hundreds of video images of teaching interactions, and teaching objectives, all of which will allow you to start working with your child right now.

Watch Me Learn  
Video modeling series that addresses social interaction, attention skills, play, building language (especially labeling), understanding gestures and developing imitation skills.

TD Social Skills
Social Skills Video Modeling DVD: Fitting In and Having Fun, Moving onto Middle School, and Confident and In Control. 
TD Social Skills is committed to creating tools that help children and teens develop positive relationships: 
a key component to happiness and well-being. 


The Social Express

Social Skills for teenagers. 9th Planet videos use recurring characters and a science fiction theme to engage social skills learners. The short videos tell the story of Tad Shy, a fictional character from another planet who is learning to take care of himself, find a job, and develop relationships on a planet populated by socially-minded “neurotypicals."

Social Skills for teenagers.  Autism Mi-Stories are videos that can be viewed on an iPod or DVD player, designed to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The videos present models of behavior and language skills that are appropriate in specific situations. Mi-Stories provides opportunities to imitate, review, revise, and relax to facilitate appropriate social behavior.

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