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Social Scene Stars

Why drama?

Drama therapy is a modality that uses role play, storytelling, improvisation, and other creative arts techniques to work on expressing and/or containing feelingsbuilding social skills, and practicing successful approaches to difficulty situations.  Some of the skills and qualities developed through drama include teamwork, patience, peer negotiation, creativity, understanding, another's perspective, self esteem, leadership and risk-taking. Drama stimulates the imagination and allows students to explore important skills, issues, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment, where students feel a sense of achievement regardless of academic ability.

Group Size: 3-5 children
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~reading social cues
~Turn Taking and 
~Accommodating ideas and desires of others
~Expressing their feelings and ides
~Being a Good Sport
~Thinking about Others
~Listening in to others
~Treating Others with Respect
~Giving and receiving encouragement
~Offering Help
~Initiating, Joining, Maintaining, and Ending conversation
~Using a Calm Friendly Voice
~Full Body Communication

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