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Flexible Friends

Exercise and Gymnastics Program

This is a high energy class for 3 and 4 year olds.  The class focuses on basic gymnastics skill development and names of positions and skills are introduced.  Listening, following directions, cooperation and participation skills are introduced throughout each social skills theme based lesson plan. 

You child will improve in strength & flexibility, hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, balance, social skills, speech and language skills, self confidence, and compassion!

In addition, if you are concerned regarding your child's speech and language,  we provide evaluations and work on your child's individual speech and language goals during session!

Group Size: 3-5 children
Ages: 3-4

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Exercise and Gymnastics:
~Floor ~Beam ~Bar

Social Skills:

~Using words
~Using a Calm Friendly Voice
~Being a Good Sport
~Turn Taking and Cooperation
~Body Space awareness
~Thinking about Others
~Listening in to others
~Giving and receiving encouragement
~Offering Help
~Initiating, Joining, Maintaining, and Ending conversation
~Dealing with a bully

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